Build a following on social media

The numbers are huge! Australia has 15m Facebook users, 14m Australian YouTube viewers, 5m Instagram users, then we have Twitter and Snapchat and many more.

So how can you take advantage of this captive audience?

70% of Australians access social networks with their Smartphones.
Source: Quiip

Engaging with your customers online - social media services

Social media platforms provide a great opportunity to keep your audience engaged, informed and up to date.

We can support your business in building a successful social media strategy:

  • Social media planning - through understanding your business and your customers, we can guide you through which social media platforms are most relevant, how to successfully approach them and develop engaging content for each.
  • Social media marketing content - it's one thing having a fan base online, but you need to keep them engaged. We help businesses delight their fan base with content that encourages them to buy or 'like'.
  • In-house training - let your team professionally manage your social media presence with a customised workshop to show them how.

Discover how this service could benefit your business

Driving likes, leads and sales through social media advertising services

Most popular platforms provide innovative methods of reaching new audiences and winning new customers. Done right, social media advertising can be a cost-effective addition to your digital marketing mix.

Want to grow your audience and revenues? We can help:

  • Targeted, engaging promotions - grow your social media presence, drive traffic to your website or generate more business. Professional configuration of your campaigns, means you get the results your business needs.
  • Mobile friendly campaigns - with the majority of users accessing their timelines via mobile, ensuring your campaign, content and click-through is mobile friendly is paramount.
  • Landing page optimisation - never suffer from 'leaky' landing pages. If you're paying for promotion, we create pages that are effective lead or revenue drivers.
  • Remarketing - recapture the attention of those who abandoned their basket or target an existing mailing list.

Discover how this service could benefit your business

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