Applied Analytics

Learn to deliver what your customers want, like and need by tapping into the data available to your organisation.

Big data. Small steps.

The term "big data" has been used in the digital marketing hemisphere for some time now. However the semantics of the term can scare some businesses off. We prefer to use the term "applied analytics"; which is simply using the data available to the organisation to ensure they are better informed about their customers' preferences and needs.

This can include:

  • Analysing website sessions - understanding what your customers do on your website, how they got there, what they visited and where they left can improve future marketing campaigns and web development.
  • Improve email performance through analysing previous email activity. Identifying the best time to schedule emails, the hardest working subject line and most convincing content.
  • Deliver customised content based on customer profiles, social media performance and search engine data.
  • Reduce abandoned cart rates, through recovery emails, discounts and incentives that work for your customers.
  • Increase social media exposure and engagement, through understanding audience behaviour and interests.

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