Retention Marketing: 5 tips for email marketing

Your existing customers are more likely to buy from you, spend more and cost less to retain than it would to acquire a new customer.

Yet only 1 in 5 companies focus on retention.

The most effective digital marketing tactic for retention is email.

Here are five things you must start doing to be great at email marketing.

Tip #1 – Start collecting those email addresses.

Whether that’s through your website, over the phone or when you meet your customers. This information is vital.

Tip #2 – Segment your customers

It’s likely that your business will have many types of customers.

Therefore it is important to acknowledge that. Segment your email list and send them content that’s relevant to them.

Tip #3 – Clear call to actions

Each email should have a purpose. Make sure you encourage your readers to follow and complete the call to action.

Tip #4 – Mobile first

Over TWO THIRDS of your emails will be opened on a mobile. Make sure the email and promoted content is mobile friendly.

Tip #5 – Optimise and improve

You should always be optimising and improving your email campaigns. After each campaign, take the time to evaluate the performance and note what worked and what hasn’t worked.

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